Career Valet's founder and president Marcelle Yeager is available for live and virtual speaking engagements to discuss career advancement, recruiting women, working abroad, entrepreneurship, and business writing.

Please contact info@careervalet.com for availability and rates.

Below is a list of past engagements.

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Provided free resume reviews to IT, engineering, and healthcare professionals at the Expo Experts DC MEGA job fair.

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"Elevate Your Resume and Get Interviews You Want"
Virtual presentations to groups of young professionals in Israel on practical tricks for building a quality resume.

Military spouse JD network | webinar | april 2018

"Shaping Your Legal Resume Before Someone Shapes It For You"
Simple tricks to allow your resume to tell your story better and ensure that employers aren't making assumptions about you or your background. Click the play button to the left to watch and listen. 

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recruitdc conference | bethesda, md | december 2017

"Recruiting Diversity: Women & Military"
Diversity is more than social, religious, and cultural differences. It is diverse perspectives and world views that come from the ability to overcome challenges, which is innate for military and diplomat partners and spouses. Employers should focus on hiring from this population because their unique experiences and skills result in innovative approaches to solving problems and generating ideas.
View the full slide presentation here.



"Getting Our U.S. Military Service Men & Women Back to Work"
A live podcast interview where Marcelle discusses the career challenges that U.S. service members face transitioning out of the military as well as their partners and spouses, as well as tips on how to overcome them. 

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retail industry leaders association | august 2017

"Ignite Your Writing Skills: How to Tailor and Improve Your Written Communications"
This is a workshop with practical exercises designed to help a team improve their business writing skills.


foreign service institute, department of state | 2016 & 2017

Panel: Short-Term, Part-Time Work
This panel discussion focused on how to find and create opportunities for flexible work. 


discover your talent do what you love | july 2017

"A Portable Career"
A podcast interview where Marcelle talks about starting her first business at age 9 to the influence in her life that made her choose entrepreneurship and a portable career.

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"How to Start a Successful Business From Scratch"
A podcast interview with Marcelle where she talks about her passions and what led her to start Career Valet and ServingTalent. The most important question she asked when figuring out what type of business to start was "what would I do for free?"


washington network group (WNG) | january 2017

"Networking to Advance Your Career: A Brainstorming Session"
Marcelle co-moderated a WNG Career Development Roundtable brainstorming session on Networking to Advance Your Career.

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american university of paris | october 2016

"Stand Out in Your Job Search"
A webinar for undergraduate and graduate students on practical ways to stand out in your job search. Visit our YouTube channel to view clips from the presentation.  


mac's list | march 2016

"How to Find Work Overseas"
A podcast interview where Marcelle discusses how to find work outside the United States and presents resources to help you with your search. 

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tandem nomads | february 2016

"Take the Time to Know What Makes You Happy"
Marcelle talks in this podcast about the time she's spent living and working overseas and the important lessons she's learned from it. 


tbw women.connected. | january 2014

"Translating Your Skills to a Portable Career"
Marcelle talks in this podcast about how she made her career flexible so that she could take it with her during frequent moves. 

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georgetown university | November 2013

"Working Abroad: The Ins & Outs of Gaining Employment Outside the US"
In this webinar, Marcelle gives tips and strategies for seeking work outside of the United States. 


tbw women.connected. | december 2013

"Standing Out in the Job Market"
In this podcast, Marcelle discusses the most important features of a great resume and how to stand out from the crowd when pursuing a new position. She helps us get into the minds of recruiters and understand what they’re looking for and how to give it to them in an effective format. 


smith school of business | 2012

"How to Write a Good Resume" and "Interview Best Practices"
Marcelle presented two webinars for graduate students on writing an effective resume and how to improve interviewing skills.