Reason for hiring Career Valet: This client was changing careers and relocating at the same time.
Services provided: Resume overhaul, cover letter, and reverse headhunt
Result: The client obtained a job in his new city and target career field.

The resume and cover letter that the Career Valet team put together for my career transition and relocation were amazing and I could not have been more satisfied. They also assisted me with a job search for my new city, and the contacts provided led to informational and in-person interviews, resulting in a job offer. I am grateful for their hard work and advice. 
- Phil, Las Vegas, Nevada, Recruiter


Reason for hiring Career Valet: Marianna relocated to a new country and needed some assistance with her job search. 
Services provided: Resume overhaul and LinkedIn profile
Result: She landed a position within two months of working with us. 

Marcelle takes the time to speak with you in order to understand your background, experiences, and aspirations. Her team then takes that information and not only reworks your resume in a way that best summarizes your experiences and skills, but also provides a document summarizing the best ways to tweak your CV for different job profiles. Marcelle is a pleasure to work with and has had diverse experiences, giving her the flexibility to work with any resume, anywhere.
Marianna, Chile, Coordinator


Reason for hiring Career Valet: Crystal was seeking to advance in her career.
Services provided: Resume overhaul and cover letter
Result: She landed a new job within several months of working with us.

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to career coaching and resume assistance. Before finding Career Valet I was frustrated, constantly searching for the right experienced professional to help me bring out my strengths and abilities. I am extremely impressed and highly pleased. The type of work and guidance I received was remarkable. They took their time to discover more about me beyond my CV to deliver all that I'd expressed to them that I was seeking help with." 
- Crystal, Dallas, Texas, Consultant


Reason for hiring Career Valet: This client was relocating and searching for a job with increased responsibility aligned with their field of graduate study.
Services provided: Resume overhaul, 2nd resume, and cover letter
Result: The client took a new job in their field in their new city. 

The cover letter is beautiful and perfect, and there's nothing I would improve on. I liked how it linked different aspects of past jobs into the job I was applying for.
- Anonymous, Nurse


Reason for hiring Career Valet: Kate sought a new opportunity where she could use her management skills. 
Services provided: Resume overhaul
Result: She found a job that combined her interest in helping people with greater management responsibilities. 

Working with Marcelle was a rewarding and productive experience. Not only did she help me craft a better representation of my skills, she provided practical work-search advice and encouragement. I believe my resume now represents my true value and marketability in a way I wasn't able to do without an objective and skilled consultant.
- Kate, Rochester, New York, Nonprofit Project Manager


Reason for hiring Career Valet: This client was retiring from the military and needed help translating his skills into a language that private companies could understand.
Services provided: Resume review
Result: We reviewed his resume and provided specific suggestions to make it relevant to his new career. He found a new position. 

The professionals at Career Valet were extremely helpful in assisting me with my transition from military to civilian life. They gave me excellent advice and took the time to help me "civilianize" my resume so that potential employers could better understand how my military skills could help their organizations. Good and trusted professional advice is hard to find and the folks at Career Valet certainly fit the bill. I would recommend them to any transitioning soldier, sailor, airman or marine who wants the best!
- Anonymous, Washington, D.C., Retired Army Officer


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