Small or large – what size best fits you?

In the early part of my career I worked for a small company. This had some advantages. I got to know most everyone in the office and developed close relationships with senior staff. There was more work going on than employees to do it so I was exposed to a variety of projects. At the same time, I was given management responsibility for many projects despite my limited experience. This included internal and external projects. If you’re looking to gain experience in many business areas and work closely with senior staff, a small company may be the way to go.

A large company also offers many benefits. At a large firm, I was able to sign up for countless training sessions ranging from finance to work-life balance presentations. Mentors in different business areas and with many kinds of expertise are endless. While it’s not always easy to make happen, working for a big company allows you to move around if you should decide another function better suits your interests. However, this is up to you. Generally you have to be entrepreneurial in a big company in order to make things happen and you cannot rely on others to be your advocates.

What are you looking to get out of your current or next job? This may help you figure out what size best fits you.