Office Romance

You found someone who makes you laugh and you enjoy spending time with, a potential new love interest? Great, finally someone who makes you happy! The only issue is that it’s your coworker.

Office romances, we have all seen them, and maybe even had one. Sometimes it works out, but most of the time it is a recipe for disaster. It is important if you are considering an office romance to take some of these secondary factors into account. First, think about the office politics. Will your co-workers hold this against you? Could this limit your career progression? If so, a fling is not worth risking your work environment or a potential promotion. Take into account the proximity of your work to your potential partner. Are you in the same office or same career function? If you work together every day, that could be difficult and some jealous co-workers could emerge. Finally, are you planning to leave your job soon? If so, hold out on initiating this new adventure until you are safely away from your old company.

Now, if you really can’t resist and absolutely must date the new love interest…keep it quiet. Don’t linger by each other’s desk or take long lunches away from the office. The less your colleagues know, the better.

Our recommendation is to try not to move down this path. If you are serious about your career progression keep your personal life out of it.