Ditch Email

Email has taken over our lives and workdays. Yes, it’s improved our ability to get things done and to convey messages quicker, but we suffer from it. It causes our workdays to be longer because it’s a distraction to read and handle emails as they come up when you’re in the middle of another task. The worst thing about email is the amount of miscommunication that it causes.

So many things can be misconstrued over email. Why do we write 20 emails back and forth to people who sit a cubicle away? Hold a brief meeting and I guarantee it will save time. Stand up and go talk to your colleagues. Emotions should not appear in emails. If you are upset, don’t put it in an email. There is no need for passive aggressiveness at work and it creates a negative, suspicious culture. I’ve been involved in and seen too many misunderstandings occur and work not completed due to these “silent” arguments over email messages. Don’t get caught doing this; you’ll save yourself time and pain by confronting issues and people in person!

How do you decide what to email and what’s better to handle over the phone or in person?