Dress for Success

Do you work in an office with your boss and peers, or are you in front of a client day in and day out? Either way, how do you dress for success? I have found that my work clothes range from fancy suits to slacks and cardigans. Over the years I have learned to take notice of my peers to see what they are wearing, and then I adapt my wardrobe as I see fit.

Here are some tips that I use to determine how to dress for my 9-to-5.

- You usually can’t go wrong with a suit if you are in a business setting. Your geography could determine how trendy or professional you will need to be. Remember a well-tailored suit will usually do the trick.

- Take notice of what your boss, co-workers, and clients are wearing. In my office most people wear a suit when there is an important meeting and then dress business casual when we are knee deep in our work for the day.

- Consider dressing for the job you want verses the job you have. I’ve noticed over the years that people who are dressing at the top of the professional game usually leave a greater impression and it could help get that promotion.

Remember to dress in clothing that fits appropriately, is comfortable, and is something that will give you the confidence to be successful at your job.