On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Interview - US News

It’s hard to know what to expect walking in to an interview. There are horror stories out there about bad interviews and interviewers. The best you can do is to prepare; suggestions for which are outlined below.

Ask for the names and positions of people you'll meet. This allows you to look on the company website beforehand and do a Google search to find out about these folks. If you can get a biography or view a LinkedIn profile, it will give you a better shot at determining the kinds of questions the person might ask you, based on his or her position and background. However, don’t go into the interview spouting off how much you learned about everyone in the room. You will likely scare them off. Use it as a reference only to help you prepare, and if you’re lucky, the interview discussion may turn to commonly shared interests. If so, that would be the time to share that you run marathons or love to bake.

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