How to Quit Your Job in Style - US News

There are many different approaches to quitting a job. Some people are so fed up and don’t care if they burn bridges, and may simply say “I quit!” and walk out. Others put a lot of thought and consideration into it before saying goodbye to ensure positive references in the future. Then there are people who are extremely loyal andafraid to quit, producing enough anxiety that they decide not to quit at all. Where do you fall?

The ideal spot is in between. It’s important to recognize that if you’ve gotten to the point of just high-tailing it out the door, you may have waited too long to go. One way to remedy this situation is to stay on the lookout for new opportunities. Yes, it’s time consuming and isn’t fun, but you don’t want to get so bitter that you cause yourself harm. There are professionally acceptable ways to behave, and you can damage your career by causing a hostile display at work, quitting or not. Post your résumé on major sites like Monster and CareerBuilder; if you're afraid your human resources department will see that you just posted your résumé, then you could sign up for daily or weekly job alerts tailored to your interests instead. Most major job sites offer them.

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