5 Reasons You Should Never Turn Down an Interview - US News

Just when you think you could stay at your job for years, you’re assigned a new boss who you don’t respect. Or your team is restructured, and your job function changes. Or you’re laid off. Any of these things or a myriad of others could happen at any time without warning. Be ready for unexpected changes at work by keeping your career momentum going, even if you’re satisfied with your current job.

If you aren’t thrilled when you hear from a headhunter, don’t dismiss the opportunity offhand. While recruiters and headhunters can be hit or miss, it’s worth it to talk to them, even for a brief phone conversation. Ask a lot of questions to figure out if it’s an opportunity you should take into serious consideration. If a former co-worker refers you at her new company, and you get a call for an interview, say "yes!" Although you’re happy at work now, things could change at any time. You don't want to regret your decision in the future. What’s the harm in taking an interview? There are many benefits:

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