Federal Résumés vs. Private Sector Résumés: What's the Difference? - US News

If you're applying to jobs in the federal government and private sector, you likely need to use two different résumés. A number of years ago, the federal government began accepting typical résumés – but that's not the case across all agencies. While all federal positions are posted at usajobs.gov, you must read each job posting that you apply to in order to find out if they only accept USAJobs (read: federal) résumés, or if they will accept your regular résumé.

While it's extra work, if you are going to be applying to government jobs, you should have a federal résumé prepared. You might come across some agencies that allow you to use your regular résumé and others that do not. USAJobs will take you through the steps to build it, and you can save it in the system and as a PDF in your files.

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