4 Tweaks to Perfect Your Resume – and Score an Interview - US News

Even if you are the most qualified person for a job on the planet, you won't get in the door for an interview unless you have a respectable resume. If you're applying to larger organizations, an applicant tracking system first filters your resume. Only if the system deems that you have the basic level of qualifications, will an employer get an eye on it. From there, if you want an employer to look at it for more than 10 to 20 seconds, you need to make a good impression.

A tracking system typically assures an employer that you have the basic qualifications necessary to perform the job. So what potential employers will be looking for with the naked eye are notable pieces of your background and what the system doesn't catch, including how well you've presented yourself. Although this is not a box to tick off on a checklist, your overall presentation makes a significant and mind-changing impression on an employer. And this can, and almost always will, trump your experience. If you haven't presented the information well, it doesn't matter how qualified you are. If you can't present yourself properly for a job you are competing for, then what would your work product look like on the job? The employer won't want to take a chance on that.

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