Look Beyond Salary: 6 Benefits to Negotiate After a Job Offer - US News

You've got yourself a job offer, but you are not pleased with the proposed salary. That's okay. Most employers expect that you will try to negotiate on an offer. Before you do so, make sure that you have as much solid information as possible in hand. You should perform research online to figure out typical salaries for the job in the location where you'll be working, as well as your market value based on your number of years and level of experience in the field.

It's important to take a stab at negotiating when you get an offer, and you must do it professionally and effectively. That's why you need to be prepared because you do not want to come back more than a few times with a counterproposal. If you do, you'll probably be viewed as a challenging person before you even start on the job. As you consider your negotiation strategy, remember that there is more than salary that can be discussed. Determine what is most important to you out of the terms below and decide how to tackle the issue of your choice most efficiently and effectively.

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