New Graduates: So You Want to Be a Leader? - US News

It's high school and college graduation season, and for all graduates it's a time of celebration as well as great uncertainty. The planned part of your life is over: it's time to invent and live the rest. How does the future look for you? Just the thought can be frightening.

The good news is that things change so rapidly now, including time spent in a job, that you don't have to plan out every part of your career. However, it is smart to have a general idea of your eventual goals. For example, you may know that you want to get a higher degree one day, obtain a certification or even work at a zoo. Use the beginning of your career as a time for exploration to help you solidify those goals and their timing. And remember, nothing is set in stone. You can always make changes, even if you start on one path and decide it's not right for you.

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