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5 career goals that pay off in a huge way

If you’re new to the workforce, you probably have a lot on your mind. You’ve got to impress the boss, mingle with co-workers (note to self: find an office bff A.S.A.P.!) and prove you’re the next rising star. Hmm…not much time left to focus on setting long-term career goals, huh?

Granted, you never know where you career will take you. Your first job could be a great fit (fingers crossed!), or it could make you second-guess your chosen field. Either way, you’ll want to create a few long-term goals in order to set your career on the right path. “You can always change your career direction, but you need to always be working toward something,” says Jack Molisani, author of Be the Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement.

We’re not saying you need to map out a 40-year plan, but there are some universal career goals you should aim for.

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