How to Speak Proudly About Your Work - US News

No matter where you work and what you do, chances are you're not 100 percent jazzed about your job. Even if the overall mission of your organization is something you believe in, there are few people involved at the strategic level making decisions about what and how things are done. You may feel like you do little to contribute to the organization's overall mission even if it's as profound as feeding malnourished children around the world.

Whether you are working in the social impact sphere, schedule meetings for an executive, build PowerPoint presentations for your team or meet with print vendors, there is a purpose behind what you do. When you speak to friends, family and your professional network about your work, you should do your best to speak proudly about it. Too many of us discount the work we do when asked to describe it. Reframing what exactly it is you do in your mind will help you communicate it better. And this could make a major difference in helping you find your next gig.

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