Women: Stop Asking for Permission to Invest in Yourself Professionally - US News

If you're a woman with a family, and you're not the main breadwinner but do work or would like to, there are a lot of pressures you may be facing. These are old school societal beliefs of yore that sadly still exist today. Have you said or heard another woman say the following lines?

"I have to ask my husband if I can sign up for that course."

"I need to check with my family to see if I can go attend that networking event since I always put the kids to bed."

"What I make only covers child care, so it doesn't make sense for me to work."

Does this sound like 2017? No. We have come out of the 1950s, yet women repeat these sentiments daily. Many of us run households and hold a job. Why must we ask permission to invest in ourselves?

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