How to Recruit Success Into Your Company - US News

How can you attract the right talent for your organization or for your client? At recruitDC's Spring 2017 Conference on May 25, keynote speaker Perri Chase, co-founder of Talent Remastered, tackled this very issue. She presented information that is equally valuable for job candidates, as they should understand the expectations of internal and external recruiters to ensure they find the right match in a job and organization.

Chase began with some stunning statistics from a 2017 Korn Ferry survey. Ninety percent of executives polled said retention of new hires is a problem in their company, as 10 to 25 percent of new hires leave within the first six months. The main reason: Their role is different from what they expected it would be during the hiring process.

What does this tell us? There is some level of miscommunication or misinterpretation during the recruitment process, where roles and company culture are not accurately portrayed. It is incumbent upon the candidate to ask the right questions, but the majority of the responsibility falls on the recruiter to take the time with candidates to make the right matches and avoid costly mistakes.

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