Time is your most precious resource. Working full-time or relocating? Let us search for you.

We'll find your next job.

Clients have obtained phone screens and in-person interviews that led to job offers.

READY TO GET STARTED? At only $299/month, you'll earn it back in your first week on the job. 


  • Provide your personal job searcher with titles, companies, and geographies of interest to you. Also, include what you will not consider (e.g., certain types of jobs or those located over 20 miles from your home). 

  • Your job searcher will use your specifications and our resources to uncover relevant job postings. You will receive up to 5 postings once a week (20/month) via email. 

  • Give your job searcher feedback to let her know which jobs you plan to apply to and which you have no interest in. This will help her refine the search each week. 

  • For those postings that you want to apply to, your job searcher will provide contact information for prospective informational chats to help you build your network and address cover letters to the right people. 

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I’m very pleased with the cover letter and job search services that Career Valet provided. Beyond receiving job postings, I was given contact information for companies I was interested in which led to informational interviews, phone screens, and in-person interviews. This plus advice given along the way gave me renewed energy for my job search.
— Dana, Corporate Trainer