Does the career narrative you’re telling on paper and in person fully reflect your strengths, value, and goals?

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We customize your materials and translate your experience into where you want to go next. 

Coaching sessions help you devise a successful job search strategy. Topics depend on your individual needs and may include: refining your search, building your network, using LinkedIn effectively, and interviewing technique.

Become the leader you are meant to be.

We have helped clients worldwide in diverse fields, including but not limited to:

  • Finance, accounting

  • Consulting

  • IT

  • Media, communications

  • Legal

  • Sales

  • Operations

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Engineering

    Our clients work for companies, government, and non-profits, and some are entrepreneurs. We frequently work with U.S. and foreign diplomat partners, military veterans and partners, and expatriate partners.

I worked with Marcelle on completely rewriting my resume and also a cover letter. I could not recommend her services enough. We had an initial conversation where she asked about my experience and where I was looking to go (at that time I was entirely unsure of what direction I wanted to take my career in). She made me feel at ease that there were definitely different opportunities I could pursue with my experience. We did a very in depth dive into my experience from there, where she really asked some thought provoking questions that 1) taught me to look at my experiences in a different light 2) really helped to prepare me for interview questions. From there, she crafted a new resume and cover letter for me. They came out amazing. I really felt like she pulled out key differentiators that helped the resume to truly stand out. I can say that only 2 months after using the revamped resume, I received a job offer.
— Theresa, Manager

A sample of our clients and the services that were right for them.
Read success stories. 

Clara is a senior professional in the finance industry who doesn't like her job and wants to make a lateral or upward move to another company.
Problem: She hasn't updated her resume in years and has never formally interviewed for a position, having moved to new jobs through connections. She doesn't have time in her schedule to update her resume. 

Lucy is a mid-level professional seeking to change careers from a healthcare to a non-profit.
Problem: Her resume reflects only her healthcare experience and she doesn't know how to translate her skills and non-work experience to the non-profit field. 

George is a senior-level professional in the technology industry seeking a role that reports to the C-suite level. He feels capable of performing of a C-suite role one day and wants to move along that trajectory. 
Problem: He doesn't think his resume and LinkedIn profile position himself as an executive.