Photo credit: bruce mars

Photo credit: bruce mars



WE elevate your resume within 1-2 weeks.

YOU get interviews you want typically within 2-3 weeks.

On average, our clients get

offers for jobs they want within 2-3 months

and a 20% increase in salary.

Some say we have a way with words - we call it a way to get ahead in your career. 

Career Valet provides job search preparation services for mid- to senior-level professionals who want to advance faster and earn more money

Our writing and job search processes are unique because we ask questions against your current resume (if you have one) and jobs of interest to draw out the most important details of your professional history. 

That's how we create - In the words of our clients - thorough and thoughtful resumes. 

Your success means we are doing our job effectively.

We've witnessed many successes, including a senior director becoming the COO of a start-up and the CFO of a small firm becoming a VP in a $12B company.

We simply want to see you succeed. 


Get Ahead Today.

• 93% of clients actively job searching interviewed within a few months of working with us
• 77% of clients interviewing accepted a new job
• 82%
of clients offered a job moved to a new company

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Life is completely different now and honestly, I cannot thank Career Valet enough. Reaching out to you single handedly changed the course of my career and quality of life.
— Katie, Solutions Manager
This is a company that truly cares about providing top of the line services for professionals. In comparison to other companies that I dealt with previously before finding Marcelle and Career Valet, there simply is no comparison.
— Crystal, Manager