Whether you feel stuck at your current company or you are trying to join or re-enter the workforce, Career Valet is dedicated to moving your career in the right direction. We can help you discover unknown skills and job possibilities.

• 84% of clients actively job searching have interviewed within several months of working with us
• 74% of those interviewing accepted a new job
• 79% of those offered a job moved to a new company or organization

We offer the following services to help you land interviews and job offers:

This is a company that truly cares about providing top of the line services for professionals. In comparison to other companies that I dealt with previously before finding Marcelle and Career Valet, there simply is no comparison.
— Crystal, Manager

Resume and Writing

We customize your materials and translate your experience into where you want to go next. 

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Additional Services

We help you decide your next step, and give you the confidence and tools to make it happen. 

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