Employers: Consider This Untapped Diversity Hiring Route - US News

When you hear the word "diversity," the first things that typically come to mind are gender, race and culture. Yet, there is more we should consider when it comes to diversity. Companies have really robust referral programs to attract new hires. Recruiters may look for people through word of mouth or their personal online networks. And what does that lead to? Hiring more people who directly resemble themselves.

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How to Speak Proudly About Your Work - US News

No matter where you work and what you do, chances are you're not 100 percent jazzed about your job. Even if the overall mission of your organization is something you believe in, there are few people involved at the strategic level making decisions about what and how things are done. You may feel like you do little to contribute to the organization's overall mission even if it's as profound as feeding malnourished children around the world.

Whether you are working in the social impact sphere, schedule meetings for an executive, build PowerPoint presentations for your team or meet with print vendors, there is a purpose behind what you do. When you speak to friends, family and your professional network about your work, you should do your best to speak proudly about it. Too many of us discount the work we do when asked to describe it. Reframing what exactly it is you do in your mind will help you communicate it better. And this could make a major difference in helping you find your next gig.

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How to Showcase Your Unpaid Work on Your Resume - US News

You've probably done unpaid work at some point in your life. Maybe you volunteered in high school or college at the school putting on events or did something external like mentor underprivileged youth. You may have held unpaid internships. Now out of school, perhaps you volunteer regularly or a few times a year in your community or at your place of worship. Many of you hold positions on local committees or in organizations.

While this work is not paid, it's no less important than paid work. Forget about distinguishing between the two when it comes to telling your work history. Think of them as one and the same. If you must list salary on an employment application or it's requested for a federal resume, include that information, but for all other purposes, paid and unpaid work is equal. Below are different types of unpaid work and how to include it on your resume.

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5 Simple Email Fixes to Prevent Bombing Job Applications - US News

You've heard it before – all it can take to lose consideration for a job is one small mistake. Usually people think those mistakes come in the form of grammatical errors in resumes or answering a question poorly during an interview. We often forget about the more subtle nuances of the job application process, such as phone etiquette and email correspondence.

We all know that first impressions count – a lot. That's why each and every small step of the application process from start to finish is so important. While email issues may not be enough to derail your application, they certainly can, and in combination with other missteps, your chances significantly decrease.

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Maximize Remote Workers' Location - US News

Studies by Global Workplace Analytics tell us that Fortune 1000 companies worldwide are entirely revamping their space because they realize employees are already mobile. Studies show employees are not at their desk up to 60 percent of the time. While some companies embrace it, others are not accepting remote work at all while others are doing it piecemeal and leaving it up to managers to decide whether to allow employees to work remotely.

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