Don’t Burn Those Bridges

We always hear “don’t burn bridges at work.” I’ve realized the benefits of not burning bridges – I was offered a consulting role at a former employer after resigning. There are always people who you are not going to agree with or get along with but in a work environment you must make the best of it. This may mean taking a walk around the building, deep breaths, or exercising more often – depending on what’s right for you. If a situation has become completely unbearable and it’s causing stress and health issues, it may be time to resign. If it’s personalities that are getting to you, take a step back; maybe he/she has a personal issue with which he/she is dealing.  

Look forward. You never know where or in what situation you may come across someone again. Most prospective employers ask for contact information for managers going back your last three or more jobs. A person you did not like may end up working for a company or organization in which you are interested in down the road. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend but you should remain on friendly terms and watch your tone and actions in the workplace. It doesn’t take much to get a black mark through your name.

How do you avoid emotional outbursts at work?