Get Ahead Today.

• 93% of clients actively job searching interviewed within several weeks of working with us
• 76% of clients interviewing accepted a new job
• 82%
of clients offered a job moved to a new company

On average, our clients get

offers for jobs they want within 2-3 months

and a 20% increase in salary.

Our mission is to get you into a job you enjoy, and out of a job in which you feel stagnant or depressed.

How can we help you get ahead?


How are we different from other resume services?

Photo credit: bruce mars

Photo credit: bruce mars

  • Answer customized questions specific to you

  • Develop your professional narrative: we align your work history with what you want to do next

  • Gain insights on your skills & be ready for interviews

    “This is the best resume I’ve ever seen” (what employers tell our clients)

WE elevate your resume within 1-2 weeks.

YOU get interviews you want typically within 2-3 weeks.

We've witnessed many successes, including a senior director becoming the COO of a start-up and the CFO of a small firm becoming a VP in a $12B company.

We simply want to see you succeed.

Life is completely different now and honestly, I cannot thank Career Valet enough. Reaching out to you single handedly changed the course of my career and quality of life.
— Katie, Solutions Manager
This is a company that truly cares about providing top of the line services for professionals. In comparison to other companies that I dealt with previously before finding Marcelle and Career Valet, there simply is no comparison.
— Crystal, Manager