10 Things to Remove From Your Resume - ClearanceJobs

Attention! There may be parts of your resume that you can immediately remove or change because they are either hurting you or taking up valuable space.


Unless you are asked for one, do not include a photo. Employers expect that you have one on your online career profiles, but not on your resume.


You only need your city and state or city and country if you’re outside the United States.


If you’re using an objective statement at the top of your resume, stop. Employers don’t care what your goal is – they want to know what you can do to support their goals. Use 3-4 lines or bullets that summarize your career and skills as they relate to what you want to do next. This brief statement should show the employer, using data from the job posting, that you meet the main required qualifications.

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Lie on your resume?

While doing a presentation on resume writing I got a question that really shocked me: “can I lie on my resume?”

Even when I strongly advised against ever lying on a resume and explained that companies have the ability to find out information today like never before through the Internet, students still approached me and asked specific questions, like: “I’m applying for a job at a hotel abroad. Can I say I worked in a hotel here where I did not really work because the job description says I need to have experience in a 5-star hotel?”

I want to be perfectly clear – this is NEVER okay. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

It is one thing to use language to make your job duties sound more exciting; it is quite another to flat out lie. You will be found out. Even if you somehow do manage to lie and get a job, I am 100% sure it will come back to haunt you later in that job or in your career. It’s not worth it.

If you find you’re lacking in experience in an area in which you want to work, you should identify volunteer opportunities or associations that you can join to gain knowledge and/or experience. You can put those on your resume. But please, don’t ever put false information on your resume. Would you want to hire someone who lied on his or her resume?