Emotional Co-workers

Do you come home from work sometimes feeling like you need a five-hour energy drink just to get to the gym and have dinner? Do you feel like you are emotionally drained the second you walk into your office?

You of course should assess why you feel this way, did you have a particularly difficult day – no; do you hate your job and everyone you work with – no. Okay, then maybe you have an energy vampire in your office. Now you might laugh, but sometimes we become a psychiatrist for our co-workers. Honestly, it is completely exhausting to deal with your own workload, your co-workers’ work issues, their personal life, and who knows what else.

In my experience, I have used the below techniques to improve my daily energy levels and deal with these types of co-workers.

  • Limit the meeting opportunities and amount of time you speak with this co-worker.
  • Dive into your work; if he/she likes to swing by your desk, politely ask him/her to leave so you can get your work finished for the day.
  • If you must interact with the co-worker, plan a meeting, with a clear beginning and end, and keep it completely professional. Do not allow the conversation to waver to a gripe he/she is experiencing that day.
  • If you feel you must, you could always confront the co-worker. But you need to take into consideration how or if this person could affect your career progression. 

These co-workers are in everyone’s office and every profession; we probably will never be able to escape them. What helpful tips do you use to deal with emotionally draining employees?